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What is an Investment?

“Investment” is defined as “the act of putting money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or get an advantage, or the money, effort, time, etc.” by the Cambridge English Dictionary. An investment can be purchasing a painting of a budding artist, or most commonly putting money away for your future or loved ones. The Money Advice Service has a handy guide for Investing for beginners for further reading.

Considering Investing

Are Investments for Me?

At Chadwicks we believe investing should be available to everyone. There is a common misconception that to be an investor you must have bags of money, however investing can be made affordable by funding plans with monthly contributions or investing one off lump sums, such as inheritances.

Investments are a useful tool to help plan for the future, providing funds for financial goals such as retirement or paying school fees.

As with nearly all Investments, you will have both highs and lows. 

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If you are having thoughts about using a financial adviser. You can find out more about Chadwick services with a free initial consultation. Whether by phone, in person or video call. 

Chadwicks IFA

Chadwicks Portfolios

The Chadwicks Governed Portfolios offer all our clients the opportunity to have a carefully managed portfolio that is built and managed to suit the needs and characteristics of our clients. As your adviser we will assess the suitability of each portfolio and ensure it is appropriate to your return requirements, and risk profile. The portfolios are managed by the appointed manager on a discretionary basis, which means that the portfolio manager will make decisions on your behalf as regards adjusting the risk exposure of the portfolio to adapt to changing conditions. Ongoing risk management means that each portfolio is kept up to date with changes in the market and economy. This can help keep your portfolios on track for their objectives.

Chadwicks Governed Portfolios

A range of 5 broadly diversified multi-asset portfolios each designed to grow and preserve capital in real terms over time in line with a tolerance for risk as defined by equity exposure.

Chadwicks Ethical Portfolios

A range of 3 broadly diversified multi-asset portfolios each designed to grow and preserve capital in real terms over time in line with a tolerance for risk as defined by equity exposure and built with ESG/Ethical compliant funds/ETFs.

Chadwicks are a firm of fully Independent Financial Advisers. This means we are not restricted in any way and can search the whole of market. Because of this, we can see all available products on the market and provide and Independent view on your Investments. 

Whole of Market Investing

Investing With Chadwicks

We realise that there are many options when it comes to Investing. Here are just a few reasons to speak with Chadwicks IFA.

Over 100 years of collective experience

Advising clients for over two decades

Investing with chadwicks

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