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Divorce and pensions are very significant. A pension could be a couple’s most valuable
matrimonial asset, in some cases worth more than the equity in the family home. As such, it
is important that pensions are considered in the financial settlement if a couple decides to
divorce or dissolve their registered civil partnership. All the money you’ve saved into it (except for your basic State Pension) will be taken into account when your assets are divided.


Financial Planning Options Through Divorce

By using a Financial Adviser during divorce, you can find the most tax-efficient way to divide your assets. There are many options to consider including: 

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If you are having thoughts about using a financial adviser. You can find out more about Chadwick services with a free initial consultation. Whether by phone, in person or video call. 

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Divorce Financial Planning

Obtaining the right legal and financial guidance and support is vital when dealing with pensions (and indeed the other assets and financial issues) in the event of a divorce. Pensions may vary in complexity but can be confusing at the best of times, and the details need to be addressed carefully. To find out more or to discuss your situation, please call us – we look forward to hearing from you.


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We will partner you with a qualified adviser who specialises in your area of interest.


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An initial consultation will be arranged. Whether by phone, video call or in person depending on your situation.


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Your Chadwicks adviser, along with a member of our paraplanner team will prepare your bespoke report. 

Choosing Chadwicks IFA

We realise that there are many options when it comes to financial planning. Here are just a few reasons to speak with Chadwicks IFA.

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