Pension Planning & Advice

Regularly putting aside money during your working life is still probably the best way to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable retirement. At Chadwicks, our team of professional investment specialists can assist in your choice of pension plan.

There are two main phases of retirement planning:

  • Building up retirement savings during your career (known as accumulation)
  • Drawing down retirement savings at the end of your working life (known as decumulation)

You may be employed, self employed, or a company owner and have existing pensions in place – either occupational or personal.

We can project your expected pension figure at your chosen retirement age, and recommend what to do now to help you achieve this.

Having more than one pension scheme can make retirement planning more difficult to understand and manage.

Our friendly team of experts will translate the jargon, explain clearly the current position and help you find out whether your arrangements match your long-term aims.

At retirement there can be a perplexing choice of options on how to take your retirement benefits.

We help you to consider them all, covering topics such as annuity purchase, phased retirement, capped and flexible drawdown and death benefits.

You may more than one pension plan in place. We take into account your tax position, income requirement and attitude to risk in order to advise you on the most suitable solution.

Still Need Help with Pension Planning?

If you require further information, don’t hesitate to contact us, our skilled team are always here to help!

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