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Regularly, at meetings with new and existing clients, the subject of Wills comes up. Sometimes there is no Will in place and there is a requirement for one to be drawn up. More often there have been changes in family circumstances when a new Will may be required.

In the past we have formed working relationships with a number of Solicitors in both large and small legal practices throughout the region. Where there is a requirement for a new Will, we have referred clients to one of the solicitors we know and they have drawn up the necessary documents. We value our relationships with a number of solicitors and will continue to refer clients to them when appropriate.

Now, however, we are able to offer Will writing and other legal services through our own in-house Solicitor. A recent change in legislation has enabled us to become partners in a legal firm called Private Client Solicitors. The firm is fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

We have done this as many of our clients prefer us to handle a wide range of issues as we have excellent often long term relationships and an in-depth knowledge of our clients and their families.

Working with Private Client Solicitors we can now provide a range of legal services such as Will Writing, Lasting Power of Attorneys and Family Trusts. The services are provided at a fixed cost so there are no nasty surprises in terms of fees payable.

For more information about this service, please speak to your usual adviser.




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