Wealth Management

We understand that you will have specific aims depending on your personal circumstances. These could include:

  • Investment for growth or income
  • Preserving capital against the effects of inflation
  • Minimising tax liabilities
  • Managing investment risk
  • Retaining easy access to funds
  • Ethical considerations

We use the following process to create a solution that works for you:

Stage One – Assessment

You may be cautious, balanced, or adventurous in your approach to investment, depending on your goals and experience. We carefully judge your attitude to risk using a bespoke analysis package consisting of questionnaires, scenarios and discussions.

Stage Two – Advice & Implimentation

This includes:

Allocating your assets. There are many different asset types, each of which carries different risk and return profiles. Examples include:

  • cash
  • gilts
  • corporate bonds
  • shares
  • structured products
  • absolute return funds
  • property

Combining some or all of these options, based on your attitude to risk, can produce a diverse portfolio designed to ensure optimal returns in a variety of market conditions.

Minimising your tax burden – your current financial position, income, tax status and goals are taken into account as we create a tax-efficient solution to suit your needs. This could involve using ISAs, general investment accounts, pensions or investment bonds.

Choosing a fund – with more than 13,000 different funds available, covering all investment asset types, impartial and professional advice on fund selection is crucial. Our, investment committee meets four times a year and regularly scours the market for the best products on offer.

We also call upon the services of several major discretionary fund managers, ensuring every opportunity is explored to identify the best solution for you.

Cash Management
Retaining sufficient cash in banks and building societies is important for most people looking to invest their hard-earned money. We check the interest rates and terms on deposit accounts and cash ISAs and will advise on the best account(s) for you.

Investment wraps and supermarkets
Many people find it simple and convenient to hold their investments in a wrap or fund supermarket. These ease the burden of administration and enable easier portfolio valuations and management. We use a variety of providers to ensure we identify a solution that matches your circumstances and aims.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice.

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