Market Volatility

It is somewhat ironic that more positive economic signals from the United States have subsequently led to a decline in both equity and bond valuations. Market nervousness appears to have been triggerred following Ben Bernanke’s statements about starting to taper off the Quantitative Easing program towards the end of this year now there are signs of recovery. For an interesting view of the current situation you may like to take a look at Erik Ristuben’s blog. Erik is Chief Investment Strategist for Russell Investments based in Seattle. If you wish to read this, follow this link;

Bringing matters closer to home, many commentators are talking about a possible “Bond Bubble” in the current climate. Since bonds make up a large part of many of our client’s portfolios, this is an issue which we raise with clients at our regular review meetings. If you wish to know more about this issue and how it may affect you, please contact your usual Chadwicks adviser.



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