Financial Protection

Financial Protection

What is protection?

Life is unpredictable – none of us ever really
knows what the future holds. That’s why it can
be helpful to consider insurance policies which
provide protection for you and your family
against the financial impact of death, or being
unable to work due to serious injury or illness.
It can give peace of mind, knowing your loved
ones will be looked after, should the worst

Financial Protection

Types of Financial Protection

Life Insurance Protection

Pays out if you die or if you meet the provider’s definition of a terminal illness

Death or earlier critical illness

Pays out if you die or meet the provider’s definition of a terminal or critical illness, or if you have a disability

Income Protection

Replaces some of your earnings if you are unable to work in your own job, experience a serious illness as defined by the provider or unable to perform a number of everyday tasks due to sickness, accident or disability

Critical Illness Cover

Pays out if you meet the provider’s definition of a critical or terminal illness, or if you have a disability

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Financial Protection

Choosing the right protection

Everyone’s needs are individual so it makes sense to choose a flexible protection plan which can be tailored around your priorities. Plans provide payouts in the event of death, critical illness or disability.You can choose policies to cover all these eventualities, or just the ones that worry
you most.

Your premium will be determined by the type of cover you opt for and the level of benefit you can expect to receive should the need arise. Most providers offer premiums at either guaranteed or reviewable rates. Guaranteed rates mean your premiums are fixed for the whole term. Reviewable rates are usually available for all benefits. Premiums are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the level of cover can be maintained throughout the chosen term. This could mean premiums increase during the policy term.

Financial Protection

The cost of protection

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Chadwicks Financial Protection

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